High School Calendar


events & special announcements

  • Steed's Dairy    |   $6 at the gate   |  Thursday, Oct 10   |  6:30pm
    • Students, come and enjoy the farm during the fall! 
    • You have hay rides, a zip line, slides, a corn maze, and tons of other activities. 
    • Get out of the house, get off the screens, and grab some fresh air with your friends and family!  

  • Friday Night Lights    |   Just Pay Admission to Game   |  Friday, Oct 11   |  7:30pm
    • Celebrate Homecoming at Evans High School where they battle Lakeside High! 
    • Come and hang out with everyone on the Evans High campus! 

  • Friday Night Lights    |   Just Pay Admission to Game   |  Friday, Oct 18   |  7:30pm
    • Check out Greenbrier High School as they battle Grovetown High.
    • Come and hang out with everyone on the Greenbrier High campus! 

  • Fall Festival    |   FREE!   |  Saturday, Oct 26   |  1:00pm-4:00pm
    • Students, sign up and serve today!
    • Miss Jessie needs you to manage inflatables. 

  • SNEAK PEAK @ NOVEMBER (more details to come!)
    • Day of Champions - Nov 3
    • HS Girl's Pamper Day - Nov 8
    • Bonfire - Nov 9
    • Special Thanksgiving Wednesday Night Worship - Nov 20


High School: Weekly announcements

  • High School Guys Group    |   Monday Afternoons   |  Abilene College Building @ 5:00pm 
    • Come join our high school Guy's Group. 
    • We hang out, compete on some games, study the Word, and share life together. 
    • We welcome any guys that have never come! 

  • High School Girls Group    |   Tuesday Nights   |  Abilene College Building @ 7:00pm 
    • The group has moved from Miss Jessie's house to the College building, but its the same group in a new location! 
    • If you've never come, this is a great time to join the ladies in study, prayer, and all kinds of fun. 

  • Wednesday Dinners    |    Wednesday Evenings    |    Cafe: Christian Life Center (CLC) 

  • Student Worship    |    Wednesday Evenings    |    Christian Life Center (CLC) 
    • Every Wednesday evening, we gather as a Student Ministry to unite, laugh, pray, have fun, worship, and dive into God's word. 
    • High school gathers in the gym at 5:30pm, and then they have dinner at 6:00pm for $3 and is free for guests. 
    • Student Worship for high school begins at 6:30pm.  
    • High School is specially designed for 9th-12th graders.
    • We meet in the Pier, which is in Room E-201 in the Christian Life Center (CLC) at Abilene Baptist Church. 

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