Discipleship Spring Classes

Our Discipleship Spring Classes begin Wednesday, April 17th at 6:15 p.m.!


Classes offered

Share Jesus Like It Matters - Led by Pastor Brad ... Room B312

  • We should be so enthusiastic about the fact that Jesus is our Lord and Savior that we cannot contain the good news. In this course, you will learn how to identify, pray for, and share Jesus with non-Christians. You will learn how to intentionally, proactively, Scripturally, politely and verbally engage people with the Gospel. (Note - this class has a $5 fee to go toward the cost of your book.) 

A Man and His Fatherhood - Led by Jim Moore ... Room A105

  • Fatherhood is more than just protecting and providing for your kids. Being a dad is one of the most important and influential roles a man could ever play in his life. But being a good dad doesn’t always come naturally. A Man and His Fatherhood provides insights and biblical truth that can carry you through the confusion and dark moments of fatherhood and also energize you for its high points and powerful moments. (Note - this class has a $10 fee to go toward the cost of your book.)

A Study Through the Book of Daniel (Con't) - Led by Bill Eckles ... Room B304

  • Join us as we continue our study through the exciting book of Daniel. All are welcome - even if you couldn't join us for part 1. Don't worry, we will bring you up to speed!

Intentional Parenting - Led by Walt & Susan Pitts ... Room B303a

  • Raising kids in today's culture is a difficult challenge and it requires a plan. Without a plan, parents usually default to Quick-Fix Parenting. Let's face it: it's just easier to focus on immediate problems rather than deal with the deeper and more important ones. Surviving each day is much easier than taking the time and energy to consider how parenting actions impact a child's future. We get it. To be an exceptional parent, you need to be an intentional parent. (Note - this class has a $10 fee to go toward the cost of your book.)

Basic Bible 101 - Led by George Hill ... Room B310

  • Who wrote the Bible? What does it mean? Where did the Bible come from? Why are there so many different translations? We will discuss these questions and more as, together, we learn the basics about the Bible and how it can transform our lives.

Foundations for Worship (Part 2)  - Led by Bro. Tommy ... Worship Center

  • Part 2 of the Foundations of Worship looks at 6 particular Scriptures involving worship. Each lesson by Dr. David Jeremiah will give us a unique perspective as we consider our own personal and corporate worship times.

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