Our Mission

Abilene Student Ministry exists for three reasons: to lead our students into salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; to develop our students into disciple-making disciples, and to cultivate a community of unified and thriving Christians that can impact this world for the gospel of Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom of God. 

Sunday school

Every Sunday, we have Sunday School classes at 9:45 am where students can gather in a small group setting with other students their age. 

Our weekly Sunday School classes are small groups led by dedicated teachers who love God and enjoy leading others to a better understanding of God’s Word. The Bible is the foundation and focus of each and every Sunday School Class. We have classes for every age group from newborn babies to adults. Sunday school classes for our 5th - 12th grade students are located in the rooms surrounding the track in our Christian Life Center.

Classes meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 am.

Wednesday nights: The Switch

Each Wednesday night, we host an incredible experience for 5th-12th grade students!

We begin at 4pm in the Christian Life Center (CLC). 

  • Open Gym: For anyone needing to release some afterschool stress, we have Open Gym where they can play volleyball, basketball, football, dodgball, or a number of other active games. 
  • The Cafe: For students who just want to chill and relax, we have the Cafe open with coffee & creamers, cold drinks, afterschool snacks, board games, puzzles, and cards. It is all free for anyone who comes. 
  • The Lobby Arcade: If gaming is more your scene, come grab a seat in a video rocker or bean bag and check out our Nintendo systems in the lobby. We have a Switch, a Classic NES, and a SNES Classic all hooked to big screen TVs and soundbars. 
  • The Lobby Table Games: Maybe you want to hang out around a table and play some games. We have blended some old school games and made some unique tables for you. Play table football like never before with our Table Football table, or compete on our Croquet Table. Yes, you read that correctly. Interested? Come check it out. 
  • Like Music?: Then, you might enjoy our new DJ Station. We broadcast the best Bluetooth signal around this town! 
  • Hang Out: If you can't find anything you love, just grab a seat, walk on the walking track, or pull up some hardwood floor and just hangout with some folks. There's always a fun conversation taking place! 


for a time of fellowship and worship. At 5:30 pm the gym and cafe will be open for students to play games and eat. For $3 students can get a small meal that comes with chips, and a drink. Food items can also be purchased separately for $1 per item. Dinner is not mandatory, but is meant to be a convenient option for students coming from practices, rehearsals, etc. At 6:15 pm students head upstairs to our youth rooms and divide up by their age groups for worship. 5th and 6th graders go to our Area56 room, 7th and 8th go to our Root78 room, and 9th-12th go to our High School room. All services end at 7:30 pm, but the gym is open until 7:45 pm. For students with parents in choir rehearsal, the main building will be open to you throughout the duration of rehearsal.

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