Upcoming Winter Classes

Wednesday Night Discipleship

6:15 – 7:30 pm

• A Man & His Work (Men) 

Led by Jim Moore

Dates: 1/16/19 – 2/20/19

Location: Room A105 (Front Foyer "A Wing")

Description: God created man to work, and His Word instructs men on how to engage and enjoy work. 33 The Series: A Man and His Work is a six-session Bible study that provides insight into some of the ways men can find both their best fit and fulfillment in work. The study acknowledges the tensions and obstacles that men face in their work-lives and helps them move beyond the frustrations and dead ends.

Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny (Women)

Led by Renee Jenkins

Dates: 1/16/19 – 2/27/19

Location: Room B301 (3rd floor above Preschool)

Description: Whether through uncontrollable circumstances or the pain of personal relationships, everyone has experienced unforeseen changes in life. This study helps believers navigate detours that may take you through trials, injustice, and even betrayal. You will be comforted and encouraged when you learn to rest in God’s redemptive plan and the hope found in God’s sovereign will. 

PLACE: Finding Your Place in LIfe & Ministry

Led by Bro. John Sansom

Dates: 1/9/19 – 2/13/19

Location: Room A103 (Front Foyer "A Wing")

Description: PLACE is an intentional process to connect you to purpose-driven ministry including self-discovery and individualized ministry coaching. Through the PLACE process, you will discover that God has created and gifted you with a unique capacity to serve others.

Share Jesus Without Fear

Led by: Pastor Brad

Dates: 1/9/19 – 2/13/19

Location: Room A104 (Front Foyer "A Wing")

Description: Birthed out of the life-transformation of its author (former brothel-owner turned Christ-follower), this method teaches believers how to navigate a witnessing conversation in everyday situations.

Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage

Led by: Scott Johnson

Dates: 1/9/19 – 2/13/19

Location: Room B303 (3rd floor above Preschool)

Description: Gary Thomas shows that although there are a countless number of marriages consisting of two people just going through the motions, there are real ways this pattern can be reversed: when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another in proven, loving, and everyday actions and words.

Dare to Be a Daniel: A Study through Daniel Ch. 1-6

Led by Bill Eckels

Dates: 1/9/19 – 2/13/19

Location: Room B304 (3rd floor above Preschool)

Description: Join us and explore the first 6 chapters of Daniel to discover how to live courageously in the midst of a culture that stands against the truths of God’s Word.

Foundations for Worship

Led by: Bro. Tommy Sunderland

Dates: 1/9/19 – 2/13/19

Location: Worship Center

Description: Join us as we explore God’s Word and uncover the foundations for worship thru this study by Dr. David Jeremiah.


Sunday night enrichment

approx. 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Sign-Language (level 1 or 2)

Dates: 1/6 – 2/10

Instructor: Mario Lett

Location: Room C204a (2nd floor above Social Hall)

Description: 4-5pm - American Sign Language (Level 1) for beginners; 5-6pm - American Sign Language (Level 2) for intermediate signers.

Introduction to Water Color Painting

Dates: 1/13 – 2/17

Instructor: Sierra Kyser

Location: CLC Craft Room

Balloon Twisting

Dates: 1/13 – 2/17

Instructor: Christa Gott

Location: Room C204b (2nd floor above Social Hall)

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